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Having someone you know incarcerated in a jail or prison can cause huge communication barriers.  One of the main questions people have is how they can get in contact with their inmate on the phone, through the mail, and in person.  We offer visitors answers to all these frequently asked questions.  You can get the visiting application and hours, the mailing address for inmates, learn how to talk to them on the phone and more.  If you can't find the answer to your question you can post it, and our online community and staff will get you an answer.

Visiting hours at institutions can change frequently and we are constantly updating the hours for our facilities, but sometimes visiting can be canceled or moved to another day due to a lockdown.  Because of this we ask all prospective visitors to contact the institution prior to leaving to ensure our visit goes as planned.  We also ask, that if you notice an error in any of our information, or if you just have a question about an institution to leave us a comment on the institutions page.

Allred Unit 
Bartlett State Jail 
Beto Unit 
Boyd Unit 
Bradshaw State Jail 
Bridgeport Correctional Center 
Briscoe Unit 
Byrd Unit 
Clemens Unit 
Clements Unit 
Cleveland Correctional Center 
Coffield Unit 
Cole Unit (Buster Cole State Jail) 
Connally Unit 
Cotulla Unit 
Crain Unit 
Dalhart Unit 
Daniel Unit 
Darrington Unit 
Diboll Correctional Center 
Dominguez State Jail 
Duncan Geriatric Facility 
East Texas Treatment Multi-Use Facility 
Eastham Unit 
Ellis Unit 
Estelle Unit 
Estes Unit 
Ferguson Unit 
Formby State Jail 
Fort Stockton Transfer Facility 
Garza East Transfer Facility 
Garza West Transfer Facility 
Gist State Jail 
Glossbrenner Unit 
Goodman Transfer Facility 
Goree Unit 
Gurney Transfer Facility 
Halbert Unit 
Hamilton Unit 
Havins Unit 
Henley State Jail 
Hightower Unit 
Hilltop Unit 
Hobby Unit 
Hodge Unit 
Holliday Transfer Facility 
Hospital Galveston 
Hughes Unit 
Huntsville Unit 
Hutchins State Jail 
Jester I 
Jester III 
Jester IV 
Johnston Unit 
Jordan Unit 
Kegans State Jail 
Kyle Correctional Center 
LeBlanc Pre-Release Unit 
Lewis Prison Unit 
Lindsey State Jail 
Lockhart Correctional Facility 
Lopez State Jail 
Luther Unit 
Lychner State Jail 
Lynaugh Unit 
Marlin Transfer Facility 
McConnell Unit 
Michael Unit 
Middleton Unit 
Mineral Wells 
Montford Psychiatric Facility 
Moore, B. Correctional Center 
Moore, C. Transfer Facility 
Moutain View Unit 
Murray Unit 
Neal Unit 
Ney State Jail 
Pack Unit 
Plane State Jail 
Polunsky Unit 
Powledge Unit 
Ramsey Unit 
Roach Unit 
Robertson Unit 
Rudd Transfer Facility 
Sanchez State Jail 
San Saba Transfer Facility 
Sayle Unit 
Scott Unit 
Segovia Unit 
Skyview Psychiatric Unit 
Smith Unit 
Stevenson Unit 
Stiles Unit 
Stringfellow Unit 
Telford Unit 
Terrell Unit 
Torres Unit 
Travis County State Jail 
Tulia Transfer Facility 
Vance Unit 
Wallace Unit 
Ware Transfer Facility 
Wheeler State Jail 
Willacy County State Jail 
Woodman State Jail 
Wynne Unit 
Young Medical Facility