Leblanc Unit Pre-Release Facility



LeBlanc Unit Texas

Richard P. LeBlanc Unit

LeBlanc Unit is a pre-release facility located in Beaumont Texas.  This prison houses minimum security offenders that include those of G1 and G2 custody levels.  LeBlanc Unit has the capacity to house 1,224 adult male offenders.  The facility is located on 776 acres that are shared with Stiles and Gist Units.  In addition to sharing land, the facility also works in collaboration with with Stiles and Gist in an agricultural operation that cares for security horses and canines that are used in facilities throughout the state.

Offenders are provided many educational and work related opportunities.  During their incarceration at LeBlanc Unit, inmates can work within the prison providing maintenance for the unit, and participate in adult basic education classes that teach literacy, and provide GED testing.  Substance abuse programs, various support groups, parenting classes and pre-release courses are also available, and help prepare an inmate for their eventual release.  Some offenders are selected to work outside the institution in supervised positions that provide labor for local government agencies, and another program that provides lectures on the dangers and consequences of deviant behavior to area school districts.

Visiting Hours at LeBlanc Unit:

Inmates who are housed at LeBlanc Unit are allowed visits on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 5pm.  An inmate may only receive one visit per weekend.  Visits are limited to two hours.  The inmate's internal status will determine if they are eligible for contact or non-contact visits.

Physical Address:

LeBlanc Unit
3695 FM 3514
Beaumont, TX 77705


(409)-724-1515 (**076)

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​LeBlanc Unit
3695 FM 3514
Beaumont, TX 77705