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Having someone incarcerated in a penitentiary can make communicating with your loved one very difficult.  Many people don't even know where to start when it comes to visiting or talking with their inmate.  We answer many of the frequently asked questions family members and friends have, such as how to send letters and money, as well as call and visit your inmate.  Our users can access the visiting hours, applications and rules that they will need to follow in order to visit with someone incarcerated.  And if you can't find the answer about one of our facilities just post a question, and our staff and community of users will help to answer it.

While we strive to give our users the most accurate and up-to-date information facility some facility visiting hours can change regularly and can even be on a rotating schedule.  This is why we ask all of our users to call the facility prior to their visit to ensure the visiting hours have not changed.  In the event that you should find an error in any of our information, please let us know through leaving a comment at the bottom of the facilities page, and our staff will quickly update it.

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Coffee Creek Correctional Facility  
Columbia River Correctional Institution  
Deer Ridge Correctional Institution  
Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution  
Mill Creek Correctional Facility  
Oregon State Correctional Institution  
Oregon State Penitentiary  
Powder River Correctional Facility  
Santiam Correctional Institution  
Shutter Creek Correctional Institution  
Snake River Correctional Institution  
South Fork Forest Camp  
Two Rivers Correctional Institution  
Warner Creek Correctional Facility