Hodge Unit



Hodge Prison Unit Texas

Jerry H. Hodge Unit

Hodge Unit is a minimum security prison located in Rusk Texas that houses G1, G2 and mentally/developmentally disabled inmates.  The current capacity of Hodge Unit is 989 male offenders.  The facility is situated on 150 acres of land shared with Skyview Unit.  Because Hodge Unit specializes in housing developmentally disabled inmates it has a large number of mental health professionals working in it, and has a small onsite medical staff.  In addition, dental services are also provided to offenders at this institution.

Inmates at Hodge Prison Unit can learn to read, participate in adult basic education courses and earn a GED during their incarceration.  Adaptive skills are taught to inmates in the special education curriculum, and the CHANGES program acts as a pre-release program to prepare inmates for an upcoming discharge.  Offenders can also receive vocational training in landscape design, maintenance, custodial technologies, construction and restaurant management.  Substance abuse treatment, peer support groups, and services held through the Chaplain's office are also available.

Visiting Hours at Hodge Unit:

Inmates incarcerated at Hodge Unit are allowed visits on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-5pm.  Visits may be up to two hours in duration.  Visitors are restricted in the items they can bring with them to visitation, however they are allowed to bring up to twenty dollars in quarters held in a clear Ziploc bag to purchase items from the visiting room vending machines.

Physical Address:

Hodge Unit
379 FM 2972 West
Rusk, TX 75785-3666


(903)-683-5781 (**075)

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​Hodge Unit
P.O. Box 999
Rusk, TX 75785