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Often times when someone you know goes to jail or prison, everyone can be left with tons of questions,  how do you contact your inmate by phone, letter, or in person?  What are the hours for visiting, and where do you mail packages to your inmate?  We offer our users all of this information and more for every facility in Vermont.  If you can't find the answer to the question you have, post it at the bottom of the facilities page, and our staff will give you the answer.

We work everyday to keep our database of inmate related information up to date and accurate, but visiting hours can change often and sometimes visitations can be canceled completely if the institution is on a lockdown.  This is why we ask all prospective visitors to call the facility prior to visiting.

Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility, South Burlington 
Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility, Rutland 
Northern State Correctional Facility, Newport 
Northeast Correctional Complex, St. Johnsbury 
Northwest State Correctional Facility, Swanton 
Southeast State Correctional Facility, Windsor 
Southern State Correctional Facility, Springfield