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Virginia Prisons and Jails

Having someone you know incarcerated in Virginia can place a great strain on your relationship.  Whether it is your friend or a family member communication becomes much harder when someone goes to prison.  We do our best to bring you the most relevant inmate information so our users can easily communicate and visit with inmates.  We offer the visiting hours and applications for all correctional facilities.  Users can also learn how to send letters, photos, packages, books, money and more to an inmate.

We are constantly updating our facility pages to bring our users the most relevant and up to date information about correctional institutions.  However, we ask that because visiting hours change at some institutions frequently and because visitation can be canceled altogether if a facility goes on lockdown, that prior to your visit you call the institution to verify the visiting schedule.  If you find we have made an error in any of our information or if you just have a question about an institution, please leave us a message on the bottom of the facilities page.

Prisons Jails
Augusta Correctional Center  
Baskerville Correctional Center  
Bland Correctional Center  
Brunswick Work Center  
Buckingham Correctional Center  
Caroline Correctional Unit #2  
Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13  
Coffeewood Correctional Center  
Cold Springs Correctional Unit #10  
Deep Meadow Correctional Center  
Deerfield Correctional Center  
Dillwyn Correctional Center  
Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women  
Green Rock Correctional Center  
Greensville Correctional Center  
Halifax Correctional Unit #23  
Haynesville Correctional Center  
Haynesville Correctional Unit  
Indian Creek Correctional Center  
James River Work Center  
Keen Mountain Correctional Center  
Lawrenceville Correctional Center  
Lunenburg Correctional Center  
Marion Treatment Center  
Medical College of Virginia  
Nottoway Correctional Center  
Patrick Henry Correctional Unit  
Pocahontas State Correctional Center  
Powhatan Reception Center  
Red Onion State Prison  
River North Correctional Center  
Rustburg Correctional Unit  
St. Brides Correctional Center  
Sussex I State Prison  
Sussex II State Prison  
Virginia Correctional Center for Women  
Wallens Ridge State Prison  
Wise Correctional Unit