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Lychner State Jail is a mixed custody institution located in Humble Texas, part of Harris County.  The facility derives it's name from a victim's rights activist named Pam Lychner who passed away in the TWA flight 800 crash.  Pam Lychner was on board the plane with her two daughters.  Today the facility which was once named Atascocita Stata Jail, now bears her name.

Inmates at the Lychner State Jail range from J1 (minimum jail) to J5 (maximum jail) security levels.  Additionally, this facility houses minimum security state prisoners and transient inmates.  Lychner State Jail has the capacity to house 2,276 male inmates.  Most offenders at this jail are awaiting trial or serving short jail sentences, however some inmates are incarcerated here during transit or have been sentenced to prison terms.  The average term an inmate is incarcerated at the facility is eleven months, while the majority of offenders have a six month sentence.  Lychner State Jail works in co-operation with Kegans State Jail (both facilities serve Harris County).  Kegans State Jail houses low risk inmates, while Lychner State Jail specializes in inmates with special needs and high risk offenders.  The majority of inmates housed at Lychner State Jail are incarcerated on drug offenses (around 63%).

During an inmate's incarceration at Lychner State Jail, they can participate in a variety of educational programs that include literacy, adult basic education and GED courses.  Vocational programs teach offenders skills in construction, carpentry, CAD, computer information systems, and custodial work.  Futhermore, inmates who are nearing their discharge date can participate in project RIO, which helps reintegrate inmates back into society through a work transition initiative.

Substance abuse treatment programs at Lychner State Jail include a three phase 216 bed therapeutic community program that is usually filled to complete capacity.  Support groups like Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous are also provided weekly to inmates.

Visiting Hours at Lychner State Jail:

Lyncher State Jail holds visitation for inmates on Saturdays and Sundays from 7am to 5pm.  Inmates are allowed a single visit per weekend, that is limited to a two hour maximum duration.  The offenders status will determine if they are allowed contact or non-contact visits.  When you visit you should only bring your ID, car key, and up to twenty dollars in quarters contained in a clear Ziploc bag to purchase items from the vending machines.  Your address the inmate has provided to the facility must match the address on your drivers license.

Physical Address:

Lychner State Jail
2350 Atascocita Road
Humble, TX 77396


(281)-454-5036 (**100)

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​Lychner State Jail
2350 Atascocita Road
Humble, TX 77396