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Goree Unit is a mixed custody diagnostics unit located in Walker County Texas.  The facility houses 1,000 inmates in the main unit and an additional 321 offenders in the Trusty Camp.  Goree Unit is named after a former prison superintendent.  As a diagnostics unit, this facility is responsible for the evaluation, classification and reception of offenders from the surrounding areas.  Most offenders are held at this facility a short period of time, during which they are assessed and transferred to a more permanent location.  Custody levels held here range from G-1 minimum to G-3 medium security male offenders.  Additionally, Goree Unit acts as a transient facility for female offenders who are traveling to Galveston Hospital, and to house detainees for US Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

When it opened in 1911, Goree Unit was designated a women's prison, and exclusively housed females.  In 1982 the facility transitioned to an all male facility, and increased security measures greatly, by covering windows in wire and installing a double perimeter fence covered in coils of razor wire.

Goree Unit provides an agricultural program to select inmates that consists of breeding horses.  Goree Unit is the location of one of the Sex Offender Treatment Programs and dynamic risk assessment for male inmates.  In addition, offenders can receive substance abuse treatment, as well as medical and dental services.

Visiting Hours at Goree Unit:

The Goree Unit holds visitation on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-5pm for eligible offenders only.  Inmates who are undergoing diagnostic procedures are ineligible for visits, contact the facility to ensure your inmate is eligible for visits.  Visits are two hours in duration and depending on the inmate's status may be either contact or non-contact.  Visitors are allowed to bring up to twenty dollars in quarters in a clear Ziploc bag to purchase items from the visiting room vending machines.

Physical Address:

Goree Unit
7405 Hwy 75 South
Huntsville, TX 77344


(936)-295-6331 (**012)

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​Goree Unit
7405 Hwy 75 South
Huntsville, TX 77344