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Having someone you know incarcerated in Federal prison can put a great strain on your relationship.  To make it easier to keep up communication with your inmate we have compiled all the things you need to know when a friend or family member is in prison.  Our users can learn how to send money, letters, photos, and packages to inmates, as well as get the visiting hours, applications and rules and regulations of any institution.  If you still have a question after reading through our facilities page you can post it at the bottom of that page and our online community will do their best to answer it.

We work daily to ensure accuracy in all of our information including the visiting hours, however visiting hours can change at anytime and without notice, as well as be canceled if the facility goes on lockdown.  For this reason we ask all prospective visitors to contact the institution prior to their visit.

Adams County Correctional Institution
Alderson Federal Prison Camp
Aliceville Federal Correctional Institution
Allenwood Low FCI
Allenwood Medium FCI
Allenwood United States Penitentiary
Ashland Federal Correctional Institution
Atlanta United States Penitentiary
Atwater USP
Bastrop Federal Correctional Institution
Beaumont Low
Beaumont Medium
Beaumont United States Penitentiary
Beckley FCI
Bennettsville FCI
Berlin Federal Correctional Institution
Big Sandy United States Penitentiary
Big Spring Federal Correctional Institution
Brooklyn Medical Detention Center
Bryan Federal Prison Camp
Butner Medium II FCI
Butner Low FCI
Butner Federal Medical Center
Butner Medium I FCI
Canaan USP
Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center
Cibola County Correctional Center
Coleman II United States Penitentiary
Coleman Low Federal Correctional Institution
Coleman Medium FCI
Coleman I USP
Carswell Federal Medical Center
Cumberland FCI
Danbury FCI
Devens Federal Medical Center
Duluth Federal Prison Camp
Dublin Federal Correctional Institution
Edgefield FCI
Eden Detention Center
Elkton FCI
Englewood FCI
El Reno FCI
Estill Federal Correctional Institution
Fairton Federal Correctional Institution
Florence FCI
Florence ADMAX United States Penitentiary
Florence High USP
Forrest City Medium FCI
Forrest City Low FCI
Fort Dix FCI
Fort Worth FCI
Gilmer FCI
Greenville FCI
Guaynabo Medical Detention Center
Hazelton United States Penitentiary
Herlong Federal Correctional Institution
Honolulu FDC
Houston FDC
Jesup FCI
La Tuna FCI
Lewisburg USP
Lexington Federal Medical Center
Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution
Lompoc USP
Loretto FCI
Los Angeles MDC
Leavenworth USP
Manchester FCI
Marion USP
McRae Correctional Institution
McDowell FCI
McKean FCI
McCreary USP
Memphis FCI
Miami FCI
Milan FCI
Miami FDC
Marianna FCI
Montgomery FPC
Morgantown FCI
Moshannon Valley CI
New York MCC
Oakdale FDC
Oakdale FCI
Oklahoma City FTC
Otisville FCI
Oxford FCI
Pekin FCI
Petersburg Medium FCI
Petersburg Low FCI
Pensacola FPC
Philadelphia FDC
Phoenix FCI
Pollock USP
Pollock FCI
Ray Brook FCI
Rochester FMC
Reeves I & II CI
Reeves III CI
Rivers CI
Safford FCI
Schuylkill FCI
San Diego MCC
Seagoville FCI
Seatac FDC
Sheridan FCI
Springfield MCFP
Sandstone FCI
Taft Correctional Institution
Tallahassee FCI
Tucson FCI
Tucson USP
Talladega FCI
Texarkana FCI
Terre Haute FCI
Terre Haute USP
Terminal Island FCI
Three Rivers FCI
Victorville Medium I FCI
Victorville USP
Victorville Medium II FCI
Waseca FCI
Williamsburg FCI
Yazoo City Medium FCI
Yazoo City Low FCI
Yankton FPC