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Beaumont Medium Federal Correctional Institution Texas

Beaumont Medium Federal Correctional Institution

FCI Beaumont Medium is a medium security Federal Correctional Institution located in Beaumont Texas, part of Jefferson County.  The facility was originally designed to have a capacity of 1,152 inmates, and currently houses approximately 1,600 adult male offenders.  Beaumont Medium is part of the Beaumont Federal Correctional Complex which is comprised of the Medium facility, a Low facility, and the United States Penitentiary.

Inmates at Beaumont Medium are housed in six general population units.  These units are contained in three two story buildings, which each contain two of the units.  Each unit is further divided into two wings controlled by a centralized management area.  One of the units at Beaumont Medium has been designated for the Residential Drug Abuse Program or RDAP.  RDAP is a 500 hour program that treats offenders who have drug addictions.

Educational programs provided at Beaumont Medium include literacy courses, Adult Continuing Education (ACE) courses, and GED classes.  Offenders who do not currently possess a GED or high school diploma must enroll in the literacy program.  In order to receive promotions beyond the entry level in UNICOR and institution work assignments, offenders must have completed the literacy program.  Vocational training provided at Beaumont include major appliance repair, automotive repair, micro-computer applications, building trades, welding, culinary arts and more.  A high school diploma or GED is a prerequisite for vocational training eligibility.

Visiting Hours at Beaumont Medium FCI:

Inmates incarcerated in Beaumont Medium Federal Correctional Institution in Texas are allowed visitors on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am to 3pm, and on Fridays from 5pm to 8pm.  On the weekend, visitors will not be processed into visitation after 2pm, so you must arrive before this time if you wish to visit an inmate.  Additionally, visitors are not processed during the count time which is from 9:30am to shortly after 10am.  

Inmates at Beaumont Medium are allotted 12 visiting points at the beginning of each month.  Two points are deducted for each weekend or holiday visit and one point is deducted for every weekday visit.  Inmates are limited to five visitors at a time (this includes children).  All visitors must have an approved visitors application on file prior to attending a visitation session.

Physical Address:

FCI Beaumont Medium
5830 Knauth Road
Beaumont, TX 77705



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, Register Number
​FCI Beaumont Medium
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 26040
Beaumont, TX 77720