Forrest City Medium Federal Correctional Institution


Forrest City Medium Federal Correctional Institution

Forrest City Medium Federal Correctional Institution

Forrest City Medium Federal Correctional Institution, located in Saint Francis County of Arkansas, is a medium security federal correctional institution.  The prison currently houses 1,456 male inmates.  Opened in 2004, the facility is comprised of six housing units.  Each housing unit contains multiple cells.  Forrest City Medium  has several cameras strategically placed around the facility to ensure security of the prisoners and staff.  The FCI also uses mirrors to eliminate any blind spots that the cameras do not cover.  Prisoners at the institution range from ages 20-86.  Youthful offenders are not housed at this facility.  The average sentence length of inmates at Forrest City Medium ranges from 13 to 59 months.  

Forrest City Medium Federal Correctional Institution is part of the Forrest City Federal Correctional Complex.  This FCC provides a variety of education opportunities and programs for the inmates.  Educational programs include the General Education Development program, Adult Continuing Education, Adult Occupational Education, English as a Second Language, and test preparation.  Vocational courses are also available.  In addition to the many educational programs offered, the prison also has parenting programs and a 500 hour Residential Drug Abuse Program.  The Residential Drug Abuse Program provides both group therapy and individual counseling.  Religious, medical, mental health, recreational, and safety services are all offered to any offender at the facility. 

On October 10, 2013, Fox News included Forrest City Federal Correctional Complex in a report addressing how the 2013 government shutdown would majorly impact the lives of employees at Forrest City FCC.  The shutdown caused employees of the prison complex to be uncertain of the next time they would receive a paycheck, making it difficult for the employees to provide for their families and pay bills.  At the same time this was occurring, inmates were still receiving paychecks for little jobs such as landscaping, because their salaries came out of a trust fund.  Around 600 Forrest City employees were affected by the shutdown and were justifiably angered by the situation.

Visiting Hours at Forrest City Medium Federal Correctional Institution:

  • Visits to Forrest Medium Federal Correctional Institution can be made on weekends and federal holidays.  Visiting is conducted from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
  • Inmates are granted 5 visiting points each month.  Each visit will deduct 1 point from the inmate's total points.
  • A prisoner can have up to 4 adults and 5 children visiting at once.
  • The visiting room can hold up to 259 people.  As the visiting area begins to crowd, visits will be terminated to make room for new visitors.
  • An outside patio and a parenting room are also provided for visitation.  Outdoor visiting is closed once darkness reaches or when the weather is not permitting.  
  • Any visitor who is 16 years of age and older must bring proper photo identification.
  • The following items may be brought into the visiting room:
    • Up to $20.00 in 5-dollar and 1-dollar bills
    • Diapers, formula, baby food, 1 baby blanket
    • Life supporting medications
  • A kiss and an embrace is only allowed at the beginning and end of each visit.  Hand holding is the only other form of physical contact that is permitted for the duration of the visit.

Physical Address:

Forrest City Medium Federal Correctional Institution
1400 Dale Bumpers Road
Forrest City, Arkansas 72335



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
Forrest City Medium Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 3000
Forrest City, Arkansas 72336