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Big Spring FCI

Big Spring Federal Correctional Institution, sometimes referred to as FCI Big Spring, is a low security federal penitentiary located in Big Spring Texas.  In addition to the main facility, FCI Big Spring operates an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.  The camp houses approximately 181 inmates and the main unit 1,061 offenders.  The maximum capacity of Big Spring Correctional Institution is over 1,400 male inmates although it's original design was for only 883.

 Big Spring FCI is located on 98 acres of land which was once part of Webb Air Force Base (which closed in 1977).  Big Spring is comprised of three open bay housing units, one at the camp and two at the main unit.  The main unit is secured by multiple razor wire fences and a variety of electronic surveillance equipment.  Incidents of violence are low at this facility, although they still do occur from time to time.

Big Spring Federal Correctional Institution has an educational partnership with Howard College.  This partnership provides valuable programs to inmates which include math, electrical engineering, business administration and general studies.  Offenders at Big Spring can earn a GED during their incarceration.  Additionally, all inmates who are medically cleared are provided a job assignment, which offers performance pay.  Vocational training at FCI Big Spring includes soldering, commercial housekeeping, plumbing, building, masonry, and electrical trades, computer skills, desktop publishing, wind technology technician, and green building technologies.

Visiting Hours at Big Spring FCI:

Inmates who are incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution Big Spring are allowed visits on Saturdays, Sundays and Federally recognized Holidays from 8am to 3pm (inmates at the camp have the same visiting times).  Visitors will not be processed into visitation after 2pm.  Inmates are limited to no more than five visitors (including children) at one time.  Anyone 16 or over must show valid government issued photo identification.  Visitors may bring up to $20 in quarters, singles, or five dollar bills to purchase items from the visiting room vending machines (inmates may not possess currency at anytime).  Belongings including cash and identification, should be contained in a small clear zip lock bag when you enter the institution (do not bring wallets, purses, cell phones etc.)

Visitation at FCI Big Spring utilizes a point system in which each inmate is alloted six points starting on the first of each month.  One point is deducted for each visit an inmate has, points are not deducted for Federal holidays.  Unused points do not carry over from month to month.  Inmates located at the camp are exempt from this visiting points system.

Physical Address:

FCI Big Spring
1900 Simler Ave
Big Spring, TX 79720



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, Register Number
FCI Big Spring
Federal Correctional Institution
1900 Simler Ave
Big Spring, TX 79720