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Lakin Correctional Center West Virginia

Lakin Correctional Center

Lakin Correctional Center is a maximum security prison located in West Columbia.  It has the distinction of being the only all female prison in the state.  Offenders incarcerated at Lakin Correctional Center range from minimum to maximum custody.  This prison has a capacity of 543 offenders.  Depending on the inmate's custody level they can be housed in a dormitory style housing unit, modular housing unit, multiple occupancy or single occupancy cell.

Vocational programs provided at Lakin Correctional Center include culinary arts, horticulture, landscaping, and facility maintenance.  Adult basic education and GED courses are also offered.  This facility participates in the West Virginia Correctional Industries program and employs inmates in a garment operation, and a sewing and embroidery factory responsible for manufacturing the clothing worn by inmates.

Specialized programs at Lakin Correctional Center include the Keeping Infant Development Successful (KIDS) program which allows incarcerated mothers keep their newborn infants with them in a separate designated place within the facility.  Another program, called the Paws 4 People program allows inmates to work training dogs to be service animals.

Visiting Hours at Lakin Correctional Center:

Anyone wishing to visit an inmate at Lakin Correctional Center must be on the inmates approved visitation list prior to attending a visiting session.  Inmates are allowed up to three visitors at a time (this number includes children).  Visits are held on:

  • Saturdays and Sundays
    • 8am-10:30am (registration is from 7:30am-9am)
    • 12pm-2:30pm (registration is from 11:30am-1pm)

For more information on visiting an inmate read the Lakin Correctional Center Visitors Brochure here.

Physical Address:

Lakin Correctional Center
11264 Ohio River Road
West Columbia, WV 25287



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​Lakin Correctional Center
11264 Ohio River Road
West Columbia, WV 25287