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Joseph Harp Correctional Center Oklahoma

Joseph Harp Correctional Center

Joseph Harp Correctional Center is located in Lexington Oklahoma.  It is a medium security institution that houses approximately 1,405 male offenders, making it the largest medium security prison in the state.  84% of the inmate's housed at Joseph Harp Correctional Center are incarcerated for a violent crime, and over 10% of the inmates here are incarcerated for murder in the first degree.  Offenders at Joseph Harp Correctional Center can work in the Oklahoma Correctional Industries program manufacturing furniture and performing data entry to convert old paper records to a digital document.

Joseph Harp Correctional Center has adult basic education courses and encourages inmates to earn a GED during their incarceration.  Inmates who have an IQ below 70 can participate in the Habilitation Center Program which trains the inmate in life skills, social behavior, job skills, and even gives the inmate psychotherapy sessions.  Youthful offenders are incarcerated here for a brief period under the delayed sentence program, if the inmate does well they will be released with a suspended sentence, if they do not do well they will be formally sentenced.

Visiting Hours at Joseph Harp Correctional Center:

Visitation at Joseph Harp Correctional Center occurs on Saturdays and Sundays, the time is according to the inmate's level.

  • Level 1 offenders can have one hour of visitation each week starting at 9am on Fridays.
  • Level 2 offenders can have two hours of visitation each week on Saturday or Sunday starting at 12:30pm.
  • Level 3 offenders can have four hours of visits weekly and can visit Saturdays or Sundays starting at 11am.
  • Level 4 inmates can have six hours of visits weekly starting at 9am on Saturday or Sunday.
  • State Holiday visits occur for all inmates from 9am-3pm.

Physical Address:

Joseph Harp Correctional Center
16161 Moffat Rd.
Lexington, OK 73051



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​Joseph Harp Correctional Center
P.O. Box 548
Lexington, OK 73051-0548