Visiting an inmate in Oklahoma

Visiting Applications and Rules for Visiting Oklahoma Inmates

Visits from friends and family members is encouraged because studies have shown that inmates who have strong community ties, and stay close to their family while incarcerated have a much greater chance of success after they are released.  For people who have never visited a prison before, the process can seem confusing.  To make it easier for everyone, we have assembled the most important things to know in order to visit your inmate in Oklahoma.

  • If you want to become an approved visitor you must fill out an Oklahoma inmate visiting application also called a visitor's request form.  Fill out the application and mail it with a copy of your valid photo ID to the mailing address of the facility your inmate is located in.
  • Some facilities will allow two immediate family members to visit during the first 30 days of the inmates incarceration without completion of the background check.  These visits are limited to non-contact visitation, and the offender will contact you with a date and time you will be allowed to do this.
  • It can take up to eight weeks for the background check to be completed and for your visitors application to be approved or denied.
  • The facility will leave it up to the offender to inform you of your visitation status.
  • Most visits occur on Saturdays, Sundays and state recognized Holidays which may be a weekday.
  • All visitors over the age of 18 need to have an approved visiting application on file and must bring a valid photo ID to enter into visitation.  Valid photo identification includes a state issued ID, driver's license, passport, or military ID.
  • All visitors are searched and must pass through a metal detector in order to enter into visitation.  If you have clothing with many zippers, large belt buckles, jewelry, steel toed shoes or boots you will set off the metal detector and a more intrusive search may be required if you want to visit.  The facility may also search your car once it is on institutional grounds, and may utilize canine units to aid in their search.
  • Cell phones, beepers/pagers, recording devices, cameras, music devices, and all other electronics are strictly forbidden from entering into the facility, leave these items in your car.

Additional information you should know about visiting an inmate in Oklahoma:

  • Tobacco and Tobacco related products are not allowed to enter the facility.
  • Never bring a weapon, including firearms and ammunition onto prison grounds.
  • Non-contact visits are conducted behind a partition, usually a safety glass.
  • Contact visits allow a brief hug and a kiss at the beginning and end of each visit.
  • Some facilities have vending machines in the visiting area and allow you to bring a small amount of cash/coin with you to purchase items.
  • If you are visiting an inmate with an infant or small child you may be allowed to bring additional items, contact the facility for an exact list of the items they will allow.
  • If you visit less than once a year or are traveling an extremely long distance you may be eligible for a special visit.  Special visits require approval from the Warden or Deputy Warden.

Dress Code/Contact Rules for Visitors of Oklahoma Inmates

Prisons in Oklahoma have a strict dress code for visitors that must be followed.  The dress code exists to ensure the safety, security, and order of the facility, visitors, staff and inmates.  Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in your visit being denied.  We suggest you always leave a change of clothes in your car, so that in the event an item of clothing you are wearing is deemed to violate the dress code you can quickly change and not miss out on a visit.

  • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses may not be shorter than the top of the kneecap.  Additionally no split seam or slit may rise above the kneecap.
  • Swimsuits, sandals, and flip flops are prohibited.
  • All visitors must wear shirts with sleeves.  Tube-tops, tank-tops, crop-tops, halter-tops and any other type of shirt without sleeves or clothing that is transparent, sheer or see-through is not allowed to be worn.
  • Hats, bandanas, sunglasses and other items that cover the face are prohibited with the exception of religious items, which may still be removed and searched.
  • No clothing may be low cut or reveal excessive skin.  Clothing that exposes the midriff, back, shoulders, cleavage, thighs etc. are prohibited.
  • Any clothing that is tight such as spandex, leggings, body suits, biker's pants etc. are not allowed.
  • Uniforms such as military or doctors/nurse scrubs mat not be worn to visitation.
  • Blue chambray or periwinkle shirts are not allowed as these resemble the inmate's clothing.
  • If your clothing contains offensive language or images you will not be allowed to visit.

If you are visiting an inmate in Oklahoma and have a question, or have already visited your inmate and would like to share your experience, or if you know of some other useful information about visiting an inmate in Oklahoma, please leave a comment below.