Jackie Brannon Correctional Center



Jackie Brannon Correctional Center Oklahoma

Jackie Brannon Correctional Center

Jackie Brannon Correctional Center is a minimum security prison located in McAlester Oklahoma.  The prison is comprised of three housing units that can hold a total of 737 adult male inmates.  Select inmates who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction can participate in a six month substance abuse treatment program.  Some offenders may be selected for work details in the county and assist in road cleanup crews for the Department of Transportation.  The majority of inmates at Jackie Brannon Correctional Center are non-violent offenders.

Jackie Brannon Correctional Center has educational classes available to inmates that include adult basic education, literacy, the ability to earn a GED, and even college course work.  This facility operates a farm utilizing the inmates to raise about 200 heads of cattle and farm 340 acres of wheat, hay and corn.  Inmates feed and care for the animals, and can also work in a meat processing center which provides the pork and beef that is consumed by many of the inmates in the state.  Additionally inmates at Jackie Brannon Correctional Center can work in the dairy operation producing 650,000 gallons of milk each year that is distributed to prisons throughout the state.

Visiting Hours at Jackie Brannon Correctional Center:

Visitation at Jackie Brannon Correctional Center is based on the last digit of the inmate's identification number.  Visiting is as follows:

  • Saturdays from 9am-3pm for inmates with an even DOC number
  • Sundays from 9am-3pm for inmates with an odd DOC number
  • Level I inmates have visits from 2pm-3pm and are allowed one hour per week.
  • Level II inmates have visits from 11am-3pm and are allowed four hours per week.
  • Level III & IV inmates have visits from 9am-3pm and are allowed 6 hours per week.

Physical Address:

Jackie Brannon Correctional Center
900 N. West Street
McAlester, OK 74502



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​Jackie Brannon Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1999
McAlester, OK 74502-1999