Wyoming Inmate Phones/Sending Money & Mail

Sending Mail to Inmates in Wyoming

Inmates in Wyoming are allowed to send and receive an unlimited amount of mail, so long as they can afford the postage.  All mail is opened and inspected for contraband.  Inmates are prohibited from communicating with victims with the exception of their participation in offender apology letters authorized by the correctional facility administrator.  Mail is usually processed to the inmate within 48 hours of the facility receiving it but an take up to 72 hours (mail is not processed on weekends or holidays).

Every piece of mail you send to an inmate must have your full name and return address neatly printed in the upper left hand corner of the envelope.  Additionally you must format the inmate's address in the following manner:
Inmate's Full Name, ID Number
Facility Name
PO Box or Street address
City, State, Zip Code

Offenders are allowed to receive photos up to 8 inches by 10 inches.  Instant/Polaroid/self-developing photos are not allowed.  Photos that contain nudity, gang signs, or other illegal activities are prohibited.  Inmates can also receive enclosures that include newspaper/magazine clippings, small pamphlets, business cards, hand made drawings, single page calendars, and blank post cards (without postage).  Enclosures and photos are not to exceed ten items.  Envelopes may not exceed 9"x12".  All correspondence and enclosures are prohibited from containing stickers, glue, tape, glitter, perfume, foreign substances or other embellishments.  Correspondence that contains any of these items will be rejected or destroyed. 

How to Send Books and Magazines to Wyoming Inmates

Friends and family members can send publications to their inmates as long as they come directly from an approved vendor like Amazon.com.  Hardcover publications are prohibited, all books must be paperback editions.  Offenders are allowed magazine and newspaper subscriptions as well.  No publications can contain nudity, or describe the manufacture of drugs, alcohol or weapons.  Include the offenders name and ID number and mail to the inmate's mailing address listed on the facilities page.  If you want to learn more about sending these items to an inmate you can read about it here.  

Sending Money to Inmates in Wyoming

Offenders in Wyoming are able to receive deposits from friends and family members.  These funds can be used by the inmate to purchase items from the facilities commissary including snacks, hygiene items, stationary, stamps, and entertainment items.  In order to send money to an inmate in Wyoming you are required to be on the offenders approved visitation list.

Send funds to your inmate by:

  • Walk In
  • Internet
  • Over the Phone

In order to send the funds you should know the following information:

  • The Inmates Name
  • The Inmates Identification Number
  • The current location of the inmate

Deposit by Walk In
Friends and family members can deposit funds to an inmate's account by walking into any Ace Cash Express location.  A flat fee of $5.95 is charged per transaction.

Deposit by Internet
The easiest way of depositing funds to a Wyoming inmate's account is online through AccessCorrections.  You can use a debit or credit card to fund the transaction.  Fee's range from $2.95-$9.95 depending on the amount you are depositing.

Deposit Funds Over the Phone
You can deposit funds to an offenders account over the phone by calling AccessCorrections at 1-866-345-1884.  The transaction can be funded using a debit or credit card, fee's range from $3.95-$10.95.

For more information on sending funds to an inmate, read our guide here.

Wyoming Inmate Phone Calls

Inmates in Wyoming will establish an approved call list of up to fifteen numbers when they go through the initial orientation and intake process.  This list can be updated every 90 days.  Offenders are allowed to make collect and pre-paid debit calls only.  At no time can an inmate receive incoming calls.  Inmates have access to telephones located in the common areas of the facility.  All calls are recorded and may be monitored (with the exception of legal calls).

The phone service provider for Wyoming inmates is ICSolutions.  You can setup an account online by visiting the ICSolutions website here, or by calling ICSolutions at 1-888-506-8407.  Do not use three way calling, call forwarding, or call waiting.  In addition refrain from hitting the telephone keypad or using long periods of silence as these may cause the call to disconnect.  For answers to frequently asked questions visit the ICSolutions FAQ website here.

ICSolutions will charge you a fee for each call, plus a rate per minute.  You may be able to drastically reduce your inmate phone bill by setting up your account with a number local to the facility.  Learn more about how you can save money on your inmate phone calls.