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Winn Correctional Center Louisiana

Winn Correctional Center

Winn Correctional Center is located in Winnfield Louisiana.  It is a privately run facility under contract with Corrections Corporation of America (CCA for short).  Currently, this prison can house over 1,538 adult males.  Inmates can receive counseling for a variety of issues from substance abuse, to sex offender treatments.  A prison fellowship offers inmates bible study while incarcerated and literacy courses aid in an offenders reading abilities.  Basic life skills courses and pre-release programs help prepare inmates for their release back into society.

Winn Correctional Center also offers inmates vocational courses in auto body repair, culinary arts, various building trades, information processing, horticulture and printing operations.  These vocational programs give inmates a skill they can use to gain employment once they are released.

Visiting Hours at Winn Correctional Center:

Visiting for general population inmates occurs on Saturdays, Sundays and state designated holidays from 8am-4pm, you must arrive by 2pm to be admitted to visitation.  The duration of the visit depends on the inmates custody level, maximum inmates have 2 hours of visiting, Honor Dorm has 3 hours of visiting, and Trustee Status has 4 hours of visitation.  Visits are limited to three adults per visit.

Inmates on administrative segregation (levels I,II, III) have visits on Fridays only from 8am-4pm for a maximum of two hours.

Physical Address:

Winn Correctional Center
180 CCA Blvd.
Atlanta, LA 71483



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
Winn Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1260
Winnfield, LA 71483-1260