Visiting an inmate in New Hampshire

Visiting Applications and Rules for Visiting New Hampshire Inmates

Maintaining the relationship between inmates and their friends and family can be an integral part of the inmates rehabilitation and eventual successful reintegration with society.  Part of keeping your relationship healthy is maintaining communication with your inmate through visitation.  When people think of visiting a prison they often feel discouraged or even overwhelmed at how to go about doing it.  To make it easier for everyone we have assembled some of the most important things you should know before you visit an inmate in New Hampshire:

  • The first step in visiting an inmate in New Hampshire is to fill out a visiting application.  This application needs to be completed accurately and requires a notarized signature.  Additionally, you will need to fill out a criminal record release authorization form, which also needs to be notarized.
  • Return the completed visitors application through the mail to the facility for processing.  A criminal background check will be performed.
  • Processing of a visitors application can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.  
  • Inmates are allowed two visits per week (this excludes legal and official visits).
  • All visitors must present a valid ID, it must be the same ID noted on the visiting application.  A valid state issued ID, driver's license, or passport are all valid forms of ID and will need to be present with you each time you visit.
  • Visitors who are under 18 years of age are required to present either a photo ID or a valid birth certificate and be escorted by their parent or guardian.
  • All visitors will be searched and must pass through a metal detector.  The facility may utilize canine units to aid them in the search for contraband.  Your car may also be searched once it is on the property of the institution.

Some additional information you should know when visiting an inmate in New Hampshire:

  • Cell phones, cameras, recording devices, music devices and other electronics must remain in your car, do not bring these items into the facility.
  • Tobacco and related products such as lighters and matches are prohibited from entering into the facility, these items must be left in your car.
  • Special visits may be granted to a visitor who visits infrequently, or must travel an extremely long distance to visit.
  • If you are visiting with an infant or small child you may be allowed to bring additional items with you into the visit, including a diaper, wipes, sealed formula, a plastic baby bottle etc.  Contact the facility for more information on what they will allow you to bring.

Dress Code/Contact Rules for Visitors of New Hampshire Inmates

When visiting an inmate in New Hampshire you will need to follow a dress code.  Failure to follow the dress code will result in your visit being denied.  It is up to the discretion of the guards on duty to enforce the dress code, so what you may have been allowed to wear at one visit, may be deemed inappropriate at a subsequent visit by a different guard.  Because of this, we suggest all visitors leave a change of clothing in their car so they can quickly change in the event an item they are wearing is inappropriate.

  • Any clothing that closely resembles the inmates clothes or the staffs clothes is prohibited.
  • Uniforms such as military or doctors/nurse scrubs are restricted from being worn.
  • Any items that cover the face including hats are not allowed to be worn.
  • Any clothing that exposes the midriff, back, shoulders, cleavage, thighs or other excessive skin is not allowed.
  • If the clothing is tight such as spandex, leggings, tube tops, tank tops, or is sheer or see-through it cannot be worn.
  • Skirts, shorts, and dresses that are above the knee or have a slit above the knee are not allowed.
  • Farmer jean overalls are prohibited.
  • Outdoor jackets, zippered shirts, and hooded shirts are not allowed.
  • If your clothing contains offensive language or images you will not be allowed to visit.

If you are visiting an inmate in New Hampshire and have a question, have already visited your inmate and would like to share your experience, or know of some other useful information related to visiting an inmate, please leave a comment below.