Visiting an inmate in Nebraska

Visiting Applications and Rules for Visiting Nebraska Inmates

Often times when a person goes to prison their relationships with friends and family members suffer.  Studies have shown one of the most important aspects to an inmate's rehabilitation is maintaining these personal relationships.  One of the main problems the department of corrections faces, is how to encourage people to visit an inmate when they often feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the process.  To make visitation easier for everyone we have put together the most important things you need to know before you visit an inmate in Nebraska:

  • Before you can visit an inmate in Nebraska you must fill out a Nebraska inmate visitors application.  The inmate must initiate this request by filling out the first lines of the application and mailing it to you.  Return the completed application back to the correctional facility the inmate is incarcerated at.
  • There is no limit to the number of visitors who can be on the inmate's visiting list.
  • Up to four adults may visit an inmate during a single visit.
  • All minors (18 and under) must also submit a visitation request form.  Furthermore, all minors must be accompanied by their parent or guardian who is also approved for visitation, and present their birth certificate as ID to enter into visitation.
  • Anyone 16 and older is required to present a valid photo ID such as a driver's license.
  • All visitors will be searched and must pass through a metal detector.  Your car may also be searched once it is on the property of the institution.  The facility may also utilize canines to aid in searches.

Some additional information you should know when visiting an inmate in Nebraska:

  • Visitors who are traveling over 200 miles and visit less than once per month may be granted a special or extended visit.  Special/Extended visits must be applied for in advance and requires approval from the Warden or their designee.
  • Do not bring cell phones, cameras, recording devices, music devices or any other electronics into the facility.
  • Tobacco and related products including lighters and matches may not enter the facility, leave these items in your car.
  • Some facilities allow you to bring a clear Ziploc bag with up to $20 in coin/small bills to purchase items from the vending machines.
  • In general you should only bring your ID/required documents (birth certificate for minors) and a single car key to visitation.
  • If you are traveling with an infant you may be allowed to bring additional items into the facility, contact the institution for more details.  These items will also be searched.
  • If you leave the visitation are to use the restroom you may not be allowed to reenter, so be sure to use the bathroom before you enter into visitation.

Dress Code/Contact Rules for Visitors of Nebraska Inmates

All correctional facilities require visitors to follow a dress code.  A dress code exists to ensure no visitors are offender by another visitors attire, and to ensure the safety and security of the institution.  While following the dress code may seem trivial, it is very important you adhere to it, failure to do so will result in you being denied visitation.  Ultimately it is up to the judgment of the staff on duty to determine if an item you are wearing violates the dress code, because of this we encourage all visitors to have a change of clothes in your car that you can quickly change into if an item of clothing you are wearing is deemed inappropriate.

  • All visitors are allowed a limited brief kiss and short embrace at the start and end of the visit.  Caressing/massaging is strictly prohibited.
  • If you are visiting with children you must remain in control of them during the entire visit.  If a child becomes disruptive you must control them with verbal directions, never strike or hit your child as this is a crime.  Failure to control your children will result in the visit being terminated.
  • Inmates are permitted to hold a child three years and under during a visit unless they have a "no contact with a minor" status, in which case they may not touch a child at all even at the start and end of the visit.
  • You must clean your visiting area at the end of the visit.
  • If you are loud, disruptive, or fail to comply with the directions of staff your visit will be terminated, and your visiting privileges may be suspended.
  • If the clothing is tight such as spandex, leggings, tube tops, halter tops, tank tops, or is sheer or see-through it cannot be worn.
  • Any clothing that exposes the midriff, back, shoulders, cleavage, thighs or other excessive skin is not allowed.
  • Shorts may not be worn (except for children 10 and under)
  • Any clothing that closely resembles the inmates clothes or the staffs clothes is prohibited, this includes wearing a top and a bottom that are khaki in color, you may wear khaki pants or shirt separately, but not both at the same time.
  • Hats, caps, and face coverings, with the exception of religious gear is prohibited.
  • Uniforms such as military or doctors/nurse scrubs are restricted from being worn.
  • Skirts, and dresses are discouraged but may be worn, as long as they come below the knees and are worn with panty hose.
  • Clothing that contains offensive language or images is not allowed.
  • Hooded shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, or hooded attire of any kind is prohibited.
  • It shouldn't have to be said but all visitors must wear proper undergarments (underwear).
  • Refrain from wearing jewelry to visitation.

If you are visiting an inmate in Nebraska and have a question, or have already visited your inmate and would like to share your experience, or know of some other useful information you want to share, please leave a comment below.