Visiting an inmate in Kansas

Visiting Applications and Rules for Visiting Kansas Inmates

One of the most important factors in an inmate's successful rehabilitation is visitation.  Studies have shown the more visitors an inmate has, the more likely they are to reform their behavior and become a productive member of society.  One of the hurdles a prison faces is getting people to take the time and effort out of their lives to come and visit a friend or family member who is incarcerated.  People often feel discouraged and overwhelmed when they think of visiting a prison, and many are not even sure how to begin the process.  To make it easier for everyone to visit their inmate in Kansas we have assembled some of the most important things you'll need to know:

  • You must start the visiting process by printing and filling out a Kansas Inmate Visitors Application.  If you cannot print the application you can request one from the inmate, they will send you an application and a copy of the visiting rules.  Once completed, send the application to the facility the inmate is incarcerated in.  A background check will be performed on all prospective visitors.
  • Inmates can have a maximum of 20 visitors on their list.
  • No visitors are allowed to visit until their visiting application is approved.  During reception and diagnostics inmates can submit a list of immediate family members who can visit once they are given a permanent facility.  After the inmate has been transferred out of a Reception and Diagnostic Unit (initial intake),immediate family members on the list may be allowed to visit during the first 30 days of the inmates incarceration.  These visitors are temporarily exempt from waiting for the visiting application to be approved, but only for the 30 day grace period.
  • Inmates in intake are only allowed visits from law enforcement, attorneys, and clergy.
  • Inmates at level I are allowed a primary visitor and immediate family members in addition to law enforcement, legal visits, and clergy.
  • Inmates at level II and III can have visits from approved visitors only, law enforcement, attorneys and clergy.
  • If an inmate is married, their primary visitor must be their spouse, unmarried inmates can choose anyone over 18 as their primary visitor.  Primary visitors can only be changed once every six months.
  • If an inmate changes facilities the approved visitation list will follow the inmate, their is no need to re-apply.
  • Minors who wish to visit an inmate must be on the inmates approved visitation list, and the parent or legal guardian who accompanies them must also be on the inmate's approved visitation list.  Inmates who are classified as sex offenders are not allowed visits from a minor.
  • You must bring a valid photo ID issued by the state or government agency.  A driver's license or state ID works best.  Anyone under 16 years of age who do not have a photo ID must have their birth certificate with them.
  • All visitors are searched when they enter the correctional facility.  In addition, visitors belongings and cars may be searched.  You will need to pass through a metal detector and the facility can utilize canine units for drug detection.

Some additional information about visiting inmates in Kansas:

  • Special visits are permitted only by authorization from the Warden if the visitor has to travel over 150 miles.
  • You are allowed to briefly hug and kiss your inmate at the start and end of a visit.  You are not allowed to hold hands.
  • Some inmates in minimum and medium custody can have outdoor visitation.
  • If the visiting area at the institution has vending machines you are allowed to take a small amount of money, usually no more than $20 to purchase food and drink.
  • Phones, cameras, electronics, tobacco products including lighters are not allowed to enter into the facility, leave these items in your car.
  • You must sign in when you arrive at the facility for visiting, and sign out when you leave.

Dress Code/Contact Rules for Visitors of Kansas Inmates

Everyone who visits an inmate in Kansas is required to follow the dress code.  Anyone who fails to comply with the dress code will not be allowed to visit.  Ultimately it is up to the guards/staff on duty to determine if what you are wearing is appropriate, which is why we suggest that everyone bring a change of clothing that they can leave in their car.  By doing this you ensure that if the staff objects to an item you are wearing you can quickly change and not be denied visitation.

  • Clothing that is sheer or see through is not allowed.
  • Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, unbuttoned shirts, backless, strapless, or any clothing that reveals the midriff, has a low cut neckline or exposes excessive skin is not allowed.
  • Short skirts/dresses are defined as those that are 2" or more above the knee, or have slits two inches or more above the knee are not allowed.
  • All visitors must wear shoes and under garments at all times.  Females must wear bras.
  • Clothing that is tight such as spandex or leggings are prohibited from being worn.
  • If your clothing resembles the inmates clothing you will not be allowed to visit.
  • Do not wear uniforms, especially military, or scrubs as these can pose a security issue.
  • Clothing that has offensive language, symbols or images are not allowed.

If you have questions about visiting an inmate in Kansas, or have already visited your inmate and would like to share your experience or have other useful information related to visiting an inmate in Kansas, please leave us a comment below.