Visiting an inmate in Alabama

Visiting Applications and Rules for Visiting an inmate in an Alabama Prison

To aid in the inmate's rehabilitation and reintegration to society, friends and family members who serve as good influences should communicate and visit with an inmate.  Here are several key things to know about visiting an inmate in Alabama:

  • You need to be on the inmate's approved visitors list.
  • Fill out an Alabama inmate visitors application here.  The form is located on the last few pages.
  • You must accurately fill out the application and return it to the inmate.
  • Visitors application approval process takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks.
  • The facility leaves it up to the offender to inform you of your visitation status.
  • Inmates must wait 60 days prior to receiving visitation privileges.
  • Every 6 months the inmate can update their visitation list.
  • Inmates are allowed up to 8 adult visitors.
  • You must bring a valid photo ID to visitation.
  • Minors or anyone under the age of 19 may visit if they are an immediate family member.
  • Minors must fill out a request for minors to visit form found here.
  • Only 4 minors may visit an inmate at a time with a parent or guardian.
  • Minors must provide birth certificates or other court documents to visit.
  • Every two years visitors must retake their visitors photo.
  • Completed visitation forms should be mailed back to the inmate's mailing address listed on the facilities page.

Additional rules you should know if you are planning on visiting an inmate in Alabama:

  • If you are a current or past employee of the Department of Correction you will not be allowed to visit
  • If you need to wear something over your head or face for religious reasons you will need prior approval from the Warden.
  • Inmate's can have up to 4 adults and 4 minors per visit. 
  • When you first enter the facility you will be finger printed, then put through a metal detector.
  • Adults and minors will than be searched.
  • You can bring up to $20 dollars to visitation for the vending machines.
  • Cell phones, and tobacco products, lighters, matches are not allowed in the institution
  • You may not bring a bag or purse with you.

Visitors Dress Code for Alabama Prisons

All correctional facility have a dress code.  You are required to follow the rules, if you violate any you can be refused visitation or even barred from ever visiting.  Everyone should read over the following dress code rules to ensure they are in compliance while visiting their inmate.  We suggest all visitors bring a change of clothing and leave it in their car so that if they need to they can change.  The dress code is strictly enforced to ensure the safety and security of the institution.

  • No white, or light colored clothing that resembles white may be worn to visiting.
  • No hats, scarves, headbands
  • No sunglasses
  • No slippers, open toed shoes, sandals or flip-flops may be worn
  • You may not wear scrubs or any other uniform (police and military uniforms are not allowed at visitation)
  • Tight clothing such as spandex, leggings and tank tops may not be worn
  • Any clothing that is sheer or see-through is prohibited
  • Any clothing that excessively exposes your skin such as a low cut shirt or pants (front or back) is prohibited

If you have any questions, comments, concerns about visiting an inmate in Alabama, or would like to share your experience please leave a comment below.