Utah Inmate Phones/Sending Money & Mail

Sending Mail to an inmate incarcerated in Utah

Inmates incarcerated in a Utah prison are allowed to receive letters, photos, and cards (no electronic or multi-layered cards are allowed).  

All photos must be no larger then 4"x6" and may not be Polaroid or contain nudity.  

You can send up to 5 photos in an envelope with a single stamp.  

The cheapest place way to send photos is by sending them to walgreens online, then picking up and mailing to an inmate.  Usually costs around ten cents per photo.  

Every piece of mail you send to an inmate should be sent to the mailing address we have listed under inmate mailing address on the facilities page.  Include the inmate's committed name and ID number, as well as your complete return address.  Never mark the envelope with lipstick, marker, crayon etc., or mail anything else with your correspondence as it will be rejected. 

Mail Books and Magazines to an inmate in Utah

Inmate's can also receive new paperback books, magazines and newspapers that are mailed directly from a third party vendor such as Amazon.com.  We wrote up a nice article on the process you go through and the information about the inmate that you'll need to know to place a book order properly for an inmate here.  

Sending Money to an inmate incarcerated in Utah

Family members and friends of an inmate can send funds by United States Postal Money Order, made payable to the inmate.  The completed money order must be mailed to the centralized banking office at the following address:
Inmate Accounting
PO Box 250
Draper, Utah 84020

Alternatively, you can also send funds online or over the phone to your inmate through a company called Accesscorrections.  They will charge a small fee for processing, you can find AccessCorrections online here.

Up to 60% of the money you send to an inmate can be subject to deductions for medical/prescription bills, institutional fines and restitution.  This means that 40% will go untouched and into the inmate's commissary account.  Again, this is only if the inmate has any of these outstanding monies owed.

Inmate's can use funds that are sent to them to buy a variety of items from the commissary.  To learn more about sending money to an inmate and about the types of items they can buy from commissary, read our guide on sending funds to an inmate.

Phone Calls to a Utah Inmate

 ICS solutions also known as Century link is the prepaid calling vendor for the state prisons in Utah. Inmates can make outgoing collect calls only or calls through a prepaid account through a company called Century Link, which is also known as IC Solutions and can be found online at ICSolutions.com.  Three way calling is prohibited and may result in your phone call being dropped.  Inmates cannot receive incoming calls, do not ask a staff member to relay information to an inmate as this is strictly prohibited.  If you have call waiting it may result in your phone call being dropped when an incoming call occurs while talking to an inmate.  All phone calls are subject to monitor and recording. 

For more information on calling an inmate read our inmate telephone call guide
You may be able to save money on your calls by establishing a telephone number local to the prison, for more information about saving money on inmate calls read this.