Northeast Correctional Complex and Annex



Northeast Correctional Complex

Northeast Correctional Complex and Annex

Northeast Correctional Complex is located in Mountain City, part of Johnson County Tennessee.  It is a close custody facility that incarcerates up to 1,880 male inmates and also houses 300 minimum security inmates at the Annex, and 180 inmates at Carter County.  Inmates at this facility are provided intensive anger management and substance abuse treatments and counseling.  Northeast Correctional Complex participates in the TRICOR program employing inmates in hardwood flooring production.  Additionally, offenders can work in community service programs that provide labor to local state and government agencies performing tasks like clearing roadways of trash and debris, and landscaping/painting.

Northeast Correctional Complex provides vocational training and educational courses which include adult basic education, and the ability to earn a GED.  Inmates who are nearing their discharge date are required to attend a career management success release program which helps them to prepare for getting a job and having financial responsibilities.

Visiting Hours at Northeast Correctional Complex and Annex:

Visits at Northeast Correctional Complex occur on Saturdays, Sundays and State holidays from 8am-3pm, and on Mondays by scheduled appointment only from 5pm-8pm.  Do not arrive any earlier than 7:30am or you will be denied visitation.  Visitation starts to end on the weekends around 2:45pm and around 7:30pm on Mondays.

Physical Address:

Northeast Correctional Complex and Annex
5249 Highway 67 West
Mountain City, Tennessee 37683



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​Northeast Correctional Complex and Annex
P.O. Box 5000
Mountain City, Tennessee 37683-5000