Bergen County Jail

Bergen County Jail

Bergen County Jail

Bergen County Jail is operated by the Bergen County Sheriffs office, and is a correctional facility that provides intake/classification services, pre-trial detention services, and additionally houses Federal inmates through the U.S. Marshalls service.  Currently Bergen County Jail can house approximately 1,150 inmates in a direct supervision setting.  Direct Supervision facilities post correctional officers in each housing unit to watch over the inmates and interact with them directly.  This is a model of supervision that has had some success in being able to identify and manage offenders in a proactive way, often resulting in a greater level of safety and security for both the inmate and staff, additionally, it is able to identify and address issues an inmate may have more easily.

The Bergen County Jail consists of 28-two tiered housing units which include general population inmates, close custody offenders, high security level, a drug rehab unit, a special housing unit, inmates assigned to work crew, a trusty unit,  and a mental health and medical unit.  Both male and female inmates are housed here, but they are not housed in the same units.  The drug rehab unit offers a 90-day in patient program for offenders who meet certain requirements.  Reintegration services are also available for detainees reaching the end of their sentence, this includes job placement, housing, education, and mental health services.  Bergen County Sheriffs Office also provides a work release program with a 65 bed capacity for qualifying offenders.

Visiting Hours at Bergen County Jail

Important visiting information you need to know:

  • All visits must be scheduled in advance.  To request visitation you must contact the facility either by e-mailing them at, or by calling 201-336-3567.  You must have a reply and confirmation of your date and time to visit before you come to the facility. 
  • Bergen County Jail restricts you to two adult visitors only (minors must be accompanied by a supervising adult)
  • The day and time inmates are allowed visits is dependent on their housing unit.
  • Visits are a minimum of 15 minutes in length.
  • View the Visitation Schedule for Bergen County Jail
  • You may not bring anything to give to the inmate.  Additionally, tobacco, lighters, paperclips, chewing gum, pens, markers, weapons, and drugs are prohibited from entering the facility and can result in prosecution.

Physical Address:

Bergen County Jail
160 South River St
Hackensack, NJ 07601



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
Bergen County Jail
P.O. Box 0369
Hackensack, N.J. 07601-0369

Mailing an inmate at Bergen County Jail

Inmates incarcerated at the Bergen County Jail are allowed to receive mail from friends and family members.  Correspondence is limited to letters, photos, and soft cover books, magazines and newspapers sent directly from the publisher like Amazon.  All mail is screened, and if you send anything through the mail that the Bergen County Jail deems detrimental to the institutions safety or security.  This includes mail that incites hate, or violence, mail that contains information about escaping, weapons, drugs, explosives, sex, or nudity etc.  Send mail to inmates at Bergen County Jail utilizing the inmate mailing address provided above, but be sure to include the inmates full name and identification number.  If you do not know the inmates correctional number, you can find it by doing an inmate search.

Bergen County Jail Inmate Search

You can search the Bergen County Jail inmate database here.  Alternatively, you can get the inmates identification number and information by calling the Bergen County Jail Records Unit at 201-527-3050.

How to Bail/Bond an inmate out of Bergen County Jail

Most pre-trial inmates will qualify for a bail or bond.  A bail is a set sum of money that is held by the court to ensure the offender will reappear at their court date, failure for the inmate to appear will result in the forfeiture of the money, while the inmate appearing will result in the funds being returned.  Bond amounts are set by a judge.  You can post a bail or bond only by using cash or a cashier's check, no other form of payment is acceptable.  If paying with a cashier's check you must make the check payable to 'Office of the Bergen County Sheriff'.  In order to post payment you must report to 10 main street Hackensack New Jersey, which is the Bergen County Superior Court Finance Division.  This is the same place that will release/refund the funds at the end of the court proceedings.

Inmates can also be bonded out by utilizing a surety bond company.  This is an independent company that requires you pay a set percentage of the bond (which you lose and will not get back), in return they will post the remainder and ensure the inmate returns to court, usually by keeping tabs on the offender. 

Calling an inmate at Bergen County Jail

Inmates incarcerated at the Bergen County Jail can make outgoing calls if they have funds on their phone account.  The only current known provider is GTL ConnectNetwork.

Sending Money to inmates at Bergen County Jail

Bergen County Jail allows you to deposit funds into an inmates commissary account through GTL ConnectNetwork Trust Funds.  These funds can be used to purchase an assortment of items from the jails commissary, such as soap, snacks, stamps etc.  This company will charge a fee for facilitating the transaction.