Nebraska Inmate Phones/Sending Money & Mail

Sending Mail to Inmates in Nebraska

Inmates incarcerated in Nebraska are allowed to send mail to anyone with the exception of other inmates, and victims.  An inmate may also receive mail from anyone.  All incoming mail is opened, may be read, and inspected for contraband with the exception of privileged/legal mail, which may still be opened and inspected in the presence of the inmate, but not read.  Inmates who are not indigent must purchase pre-stamped envelopes from the canteen, they are allowed up to 40 pre-stamped envelopes in their possession.  Offenders with a balance of less than $10 for over thirty days are considered indigent and are provided five pre-stamped envelopes.  All incoming mail must have a complete legible return address and display the inmates full name and ID number.

In addition to letters, inmates can receive books, magazines (see below) and 4"x6" photos.  The photos may not be instant or Polaroid photos.  The images must not contain nudity of any sort, and may not contain images of illegal activities or anything else that would put the safety and security of the institution in jeopardy.

When you send mail to a correctional facility in Nebraska you should format the address in the following manner:
Inmate's Name, ID Number
Facility Name
PO Box or Street address
City, State, Zip Code

How to Send Books and Magazines to Inmates in Nebraska

Offenders located in a Nebraska correctional facility are allowed to receive books, magazines, and newspapers ordered directly from an approved vendor.  The largest approved vendor of books, magazines and newspapers is  All books must be soft cover, and must be new directly from Amazon (no third party sellers are allowed).  All publications, including books and magazines, must not contain any nudity, or describe how to make weapons, drugs, or alcohol.  Furthermore, no publications may contain maps or put the safety and security of the institution at risk.  When ordering the books from Amazon be sure to include the inmate's name and identification number in the shipping address.  If you want to learn more about sending books, magazines, and newspapers to an inmate you can read about it here.

Sending Money to Inmates in Nebraska

All inmates have access to an inmate institutional account.  This account is where any funds in the inmate's possession during admission will be placed, and all funds that are sent to the inmate from friends and family will be placed.  Additionally, all funds that the inmate earns while incarcerated will be accrued in this account.  The inmate's institutional account, commonly referred to as a commissary account, can be used to purchase items from the canteen/commissary.  A commissary is a store within the institution that carries a variety of products from stamps, stationary, clothes, hygienic items, snacks/foods, and even electronics and games.  Usually inmates are allowed to shop at the commissary once per week.

You can send funds to an inmate by purchasing a United States Postal Money order from any Post Office location.  Write legibly and make the money order payable to the inmate's full committed name and ID number.  You must include your first and last name and complete address on the money order or the funds will not be processed by the correctional facility.

In order to send money to an inmate you will need to know the following:

  • The Inmate's Name
  • The Inmate's Identification Number
  • The current location of the inmate

For more information on sending funds to an inmate, read our guide here.

Nebraska Inmate Phone Calls

Offenders are allowed to have up to thirty telephone numbers on their call list.  In order to add someone to the inmate's telephone list they must know the number, full name of the person, and physical address.  The inmate must complete a ICS registration form (Inmate Calling System).  Inmates can make outgoing collect or pre-paid calls only.  At not time can an inmate receive an incoming call; the only exception to this rule is if a family emergency exists, such as severe illness or death, in which case the situation must be verified by a staff member and deemed appropriate before the message will be relayed to the inmate and a return call made.  All phone calls are recorded and monitored with the exception of legal calls.  

The phone service provider for Nebraska is Global Tel*Link (GTL for short).  You can setup and fund a phone account for your inmate by visiting the GTL ConnectNetwork website here.

Global Tel*Link (GTL) will charge you a fee for each call, plus a rate per minute.  You may be able to drastically reduce your inmate phone bill by setting up your account with a number local to the facility.  Learn more about how you can save money on your inmate phone calls.