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Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility Wisconsin

Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility

Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility is medium security correctional institution that opened in 2001.  This facility can currently house 1,040 inmates.  Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility operates a 50 bed male orientation pod, and a 40 bed female pod.  The male orientation pod is where most probation and parole violators are held.  Additionally, this facility has a 48 bed special needs pod and a 50 bed segregation pod.  Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility also has a 224 bed Alternative to Revocation Program that houses inmates who have a suspended sentence who will participate in a 90, or 60 day program before being placed on a supervised release.

The seventh and eighth floors of the Milwaukee Detention Facility houses 400 male offenders who have committed felonies and are on a probation/parole hold, or who are awaiting transfer to DCI.  The ninth floor houses an additional 200 offenders.  Inmates at this prison can receive adult basic education, GED, financial literacy, parenting, and re-entry courses.

Visiting Hours at Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility:

Visits at Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility are non-contact visits done through video booths.  Inmates are allowed up to nine hours of visitation each week, and are limited to three visits per week.  Visitation occurs Monday through Friday from 7am-4pm.  A single visiting session can be up to three hours in duration but will be limited to one hour in duration if the visiting room becomes crowded.  Visiting hours are also available on the weekend but the times are not specific, contact the facility for more information, or read the visitor's guide here.

All visits for inmates at Stanley Correctional Institution and Wisconsin Secure Program must be scheduled by calling the Televisit Coordinator at 414-212-4979.  All visitors should arrive twenty minutes prior to the scheduled visitation time to get through visitor processing.

Physical Address:

Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility
1015 N. 10th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, DOC Number
​Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility
P.O. Box 05911
Milwaukee, WI 53205-0911

Use the following address when sending money orders to an offender:
Inmate Name, DOC Number
P.O. Box 05229
Milwaukee, WI 53205-0229