Indiana Inmate Phones/Sending Money & Mail

Sending Mail to Inmates in Indiana

Indiana inmates are encouraged to maintain communication with friends and family members who serve as good role models.  Keeping these close relationships can help with an inmate's eventual reintegration with society.  Offenders in Indiana are allowed to send mail and receive mail from anyone, with the exception of other incarcerated individuals (corresponding between inmates is restricted unless approved by the facility head).

All incoming mail is opened, inspected and read to ensure no contraband/illegal substances are introduced to the facility, the only exception to this is legal correspondence which can be opened and inspected in the presence of the inmate, but cannot be read.  Your letters and envelope may not contain stickers, staples, lipstick, perfume, or have any other decoration.  In addition, the letters may not contain codes, symbols, or maps.

Offenders are responsible for buying stamps, envelopes, and stationary for their correspondence.  A small amount of free postage is provided by the facility to indigent inmates.

Inmates can receive photos that are 4"x6" in size.  The photos must not contain nudity/sexually suggestive content, and cannot display any illegal activity.  In addition, photos may not be instant or Polaroid photos as these pose a security threat.

When sending mail to your inmate, format it in the following manner:
Inmate's Full Name
Inmate's ID Number
Housing Location
Facility Name
PO Box or Street address
City, State, zip code

Sending Books and Magazines to Inmates in Indiana

Inmates in Indiana can also receive books, newspapers and magazine subscriptions sent directly from  The books must be paperback and can never be hardcover, they must also always be new from Amazon, no third party sellers are allowed.  Newspaper and magazine subscriptions can also be purchased through Amazon for your inmate.  

Certain content restrictions exist.  For instance, you are not allowed to send any publication that contains nudity, depicts or incites violence, describes the manufacturing or brewing of drugs and alcohol.  Also, publications that explain how to construct or use weapons, ammunition, or bombs are not allowed.  In addition, publications may not have maps, blueprints, or drawings of the surrounding areas or correctional facilities.  If you want to learn more about how you can send these items to an inmate you can read more about it here.  

Sending Money to Indiana Inmates

Inmates incarcerated in an Indiana prison can receive money from friends and family members.  Funds must be sent in the form of a United States Postal money order made payable to 'JPAY'.  Include the inmate's name and ID number on the money order and fill out an inmate deposit form.

Send the completed money order, and completed deposit form to:
P.O. Box 531399
Miami Shores, FL 33153

For more information on sending funds to an inmate, read our guide here.

Indiana Inmate Phone Calls

Inmates can make outgoing collect calls and prepaid collect calls through a third party company.  At no time can an inmate receive an incoming call.  If you only have a cell phone you will be unable to receive regular collect calls, but you can receive calls from your inmate if you use the prepaid collect calls option.

The phone service provider for Indiana is Global Tel* Link also known as GTL.  You can visit the GTL website here to setup an account.  You can also setup your account over the phone by calling 1-800-483-8314. 

If you are trying to contact your inmate because of a family emergency such as a death, you should ask to speak to the Chaplains office at the prison and explain what has happened, they may or may not be able to help you.

GTL/Connect Network will charge fee's for all calls.  You may be able to drastically reduce the bills for your inmate phone calls by setting up your account with a number local to the facility.  Learn more about how you can save money on your inmate phone calls.