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High Security Center Rhode Island

High Security Center

The High Security Center is a maximum security prison located in Cranston Rhode Island that houses adult males.  The offenders at this facility require strict close custody security measures, and are some of the most dangerous and violent inmates in the state of Rhode Island.  The current capacity of the High Security Center is 138 male inmates.  Offenders are housed in six modules, two of which hold 24 beds each, and four others are comprised of 12 beds each.  The High Security Center offers inmates opportunities to earn an adult basic education and GED.  Additionally, offenders can take college level courses offered through the Community College of Rhode Island.

The High Security Center offers programs for inmates that include alcohol and substance abuse treatment, stress and anger management, and various religious services.  All inmates are provided necessary medical, dental and mental health treatments.

Visiting Hours at High Security Center:

The visitation schedule at the High Security Center uses a monthly rotating schedule based on the inmates unit location.  You will need to contact the facility at the telephone number provided or visit the Rhode Island Department of Corrections website here.  Visits at this facility are non-contact with the exception of inmates in protective custody.

Physical Address:

High Security Center
Regan Court
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​High Security Center
P.O. Box 8200
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920