Dooly State Prison



Dooly State Prison Georgia

Dooly State Prison

Dooly State Prison is located in Unadilla Georgia.  It is a medium level facility that can house up to 1702 adult males.  Inmates are housed in open dormitories, some of which are triple bunks, some are double bunks, and others are single beds.  This facility also has a segregation unit for inmates who are difficult to manage or present a security challenge.  Offenders who have safety or security issues are also housed in segregation.

Selected inmates can take part in work details which include working on a farm, recycling center, fire fighter, maintenance, painter, and other supportive roles for agencies within the county.  Education opportunities in which inmates can earn their GED, learn to read and get an adult basic education are also available.  Counseling for sex offenders, family violence and substance abuse are available in both individual and group settings.

Visiting Hours at Dooly State Prison:

Visiting hours are 9am-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  Visiting also occurs on State recognized holidays.

Physical Address:

Dooly State Prison
1412 Plunkett Road
Unadilla, GA 31091



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​Dooly State Prison
P.O. Box 750
Unadilla, GA 31091