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Deuel Vocational Institution California

Deuel Vocational Institution

Deuel Vocational Institution houses two different types of inmates, long term  inmates who are in the general population of the facility, and reception center inmates who are only their for a short period of time.  Inmates in the Reception Center will be evaluated and classified.  It is during this evaluation that the inmate's criminal records, medical and mental health, and family history are examined, the staff will then identify the needs of the offender, and place them permanently at Deuel Vocational Institution or will place them into one of the other facilities in California.  General population inmates who are serving time at Deuel Vocational Institution are able to participate in the many education and work programs within the institution.

Inmates who are in the general population can obtain a free education from the department of corrections.  They may participate in classes that help them earn a basic adult education or GED.  The institution offers many vocational opportunities including computers, maintenance, HVAC, auto repair, and allows inmates to work and help in the day to day operations of the institution by doing jobs such as cafeteria worker, janitorial services, laundry etc.  Select minimum security inmates may also work on a dairy farm learning many farm related skills and will get to work with cattle.

Visiting Hours at Deuel Vocational Institution:

In order to visit an inmate at Deuel Vocational Institution you must first have an approved visiting application.  Once approved you may visit on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am-3:30pm and these four holidays: New Year's day, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas day.  California Department of Corrections also lets you schedule a visiting appointment online here.

Physical Address:

Deuel Vocational Institution
23500 Kasson Road
Tracy, CA 95376


(209) 835-4141

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID
Deuel Vocational Institution
P.O. Box 600
Tracy, CA 95378-0600