Arkansas Inmate Phones/Sending Money & Mail

Sending Mail to an inmate incarcerated in Arkansas

Inmates who are serving time in a facility in Arkansas are allowed photos, letters, and cards that do not have any electronics in them.  

An inmate can have up to five photos in their possession at any given time.  The photos must not be Polaroid (instant photo) and can be no larger than 4"x6".

All mail with the exception of privileged mail (mail from attorneys or local, state, or federal officials) may be opened, inspected, and read by staff.  If mail is marked as privileged it can still be opened and inspected for contraband but will be done in the presence of the inmate.

Whenever you write to an inmate in Arkansas, you should always format your mail in the following manner:
Inmate Name, ADC Number
PO Box/Street address
City, State, zip code

Arkansas participates in a program with a third party vendor that allows family members and friends to communicate with an inmate through e-mail.  This is a one way system, meaning the inmate does not have access to e-mail or a computer that can send an outgoing e-mail.  The way it works is you send an message electronically online through a third party company for a fee, and the e-mail is received by the mail room staff who prints it and then delivers it to the inmate directly.

Inmates in Arkansas are also allowed to receive Quarterly and Holiday packages.  These packages are not allowed to come directly from you.  Holiday and quarterly packages must come from a third party approved vendor (Union Supply Direct, or Access Securpak).  To get more information on Holiday and Quarterly packages read this.  

Mail Books and Magazines to an inmate in Arkansas

Inmates in Arkansas are also allowed to receive new soft cover books, magazines and newspapers directly from a publisher, such as  There is a limit to the number of books that an inmate can get in a single package usually 2-3.  You can read more about sending inmates books, magazines and packages here.  

Sending Money to Arkansas Inmates

Inmates in Arkansas can be sent money through the mail and electronically online.

If you are sending the money through the mail you will need to do it using a United States Postal Money order made payable to the inmate's name and ID number.  You will also need to print and fill out an Arkansas inmate deposit slip found here.  The money order, along with the deposit slip should be mailed to the following address:
Arkansas Department of Correction
Trust Fund Centralized Banking
P.O. Box 8908
Pine Bluff, AR 71611

You can also send funds electronically online to inmates in Arkansas through the department of corrections website here.

The minimum deposit to an inmate's trust account is $10, and maximum is $400 per day.  There is a fee involved (5% of deposit amount) with sending funds electronically online.  All major credit cards are accepted.  Electronic funds can take up to 2 business days to be credited to an inmate's account.  The inmate will know who deposited the funds because your name is displayed on their statement along with the deposit amount.

Inmate's can use their trust account to purchase items from commissary such as stamps, paper, envelopes, food, snacks, clothing, and hygiene products like soap and deodorant.  For more information read our guide about sending money to an inmate.

Phone Calls to Arkansas Inmates

Inmates serving time in Arkansas can make collect and pre-paid calls.  Inmates can only make outgoing calls to numbers that have been approved by the facility.  If an inmate has a disciplinary action against them they can lose phone privileges.  Inmates are not allowed calling cards or cell phones.

You can place funds (minimum of $25) on the inmate's pre-paid phone account directly through the Arkansas DOC website here.  The pre-paid phone calls are provided through a contracted vendor called GTL (Global Tel Link).  In addition to placing funds on the inmate's prepaid phone account online you may also mail a money order using this form.

Learn more about calling an inmate by reading our inmate telephone calls guide
You may also be able to save money on your calls, to learn more about saving money on inmate calls read this.