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Menard Correctional Center Illinois

Menard Correctional Center

Menard Correctional Center is located in Randolph County Illinois.  It is a maximum security prison that houses medium custody inmates in a separate unit.  This facility can house approximately 3,857 adult male offenders.  A reception and classification unit at this facility is responsible for processing incoming inmates.  It is currently the largest maximum security institution in the state.

Menard Correctional Center allows inmates to work in several correctional industry programs that include meat processing, cleaning supplies factory, and waste removal/recycling center.  Inmates can gain vocational skills in a variety of construction trades, and can take educational courses to earn an adult basic education and GED.  Other counseling services that include anger management, substance abuse treatment, and sex offender treatments are also available to inmates who require them.

Visiting Hours at Menard Correctional Center:

General population inmates will have visiting Sunday to Friday from 8am-3:30pm, you must arrive and be processed by 2pm to visit.  Visits on Saturdays are from 8am-5:30pm and you must arrive and be processed by 4pm or you will not be allowed to visit.  Visits are two hours in duration but may be shortened if overcrowding exists.  Inmates who have contact visits are allowed five visits per month with up to three visitors at a time.  Children three years and older count as a visitor.  Legal visits are not restricted but must be scheduled by the inmate in writing to the assistant warden.

Orientation inmates are not allowed visits from friends and family, legal visits are permitted.

Segregation and Administrative Detention non-contact visits are everyday from 8am-2pm.  You must arrive and be processed by 12pm or you will not be given entry into visitation.  Inmates are only allowed two visits per month and can have up to two visitors at a time.  Legal visits have no restrictions but must be scheduled by the inmate in writing to the assistant wardens office.

Infirmary inmates are allowed visits only when approved by the warden or assistant warden.

Physical Address:

Menard Correctional Center
711 Kaskaskia Street
Menard, IL 62259



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
​Menard Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1000
Menard, IL 62259