Fairbanks Correctional Center


Fairbanks Correctional Center Alaska

Fairbanks Correctional Center

Fairbanks correctional center in Alaska houses both male and female inmates of varying custody levels.  Inmates have access to a variety of programs including basic computing courses, general education classes that enable an inmate to earn a GED, and even some college classes.  Inmates can also prepare for college entrance exams.

Some of the treatments this facility offers are substance abuse treatment programs, anger management, and domestic violence courses.  Most of these programs focus on conflict resolution skills and hope to reduce the incidence of violence through self discipline.  The substance abuse program fills up quickly, as it only allows for 25 inmates to participate per quarter.  Inmates eligability for these courses will be decided upon initial intake and classification.

Visiting Hours at Fairbanks Correctional Center:

Visiting at Fairbanks Correctional Center goes by the first letter of the inmate's last name.  Please note that contact visitation requires you to schedule a visit by filling out a scheduled visitation application.
Monday A-K
Tuesday L-Z
Wednesday A-K
Thursday L-Z
Friday All
Saturday A-K
Sunday L-Z

The following are the visiting hours:
5:30am Max inmates
7:30am Administrative Segregation inmates
8:30am General Population Females
9:30am General Population Males
12:30pm General Population Males
1:30pm General Population Females
2:30pm General Population Males
4:30pm Administrative Segregation inmates
6:30pm Protective Custody inmates
7:30pm General Population Females
8:30pm General Population Males

Physical Address:

Fairbanks Correctional Center
1931 Egan Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99701


(907) 458-6700

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
Fairbanks Correctional Center
1931 Egan Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99701