Anvil Mountain Correctional Center


Anvil Mountain Correctional Center

Anvil Mountain Correctional Complex

Anvil Mountain Correctional Complex is home to inmates ranging from minimum to maximum custody levels.  This is both a male and female facility.  This correctional institution has one of the most comprehensive listings of programs for inmates.

Inmates who are incarcerated at Anvil Mountain can participate in a wide array of education programs.  They can earn a GED while incarcerated, can learn the basics of computers and typing, as well as many vocational studies like heater maintenance and repair, classes to prepare for the commercial drivers license test, first aid, marine survival courses and much more.

Visiting Hours at Anvil Mountain Correctional Complex:

Visiting hours are:
Monday-Friday: 8am-11:15am, and again at 7:30pm-9pm
Saturday: 8am-10:30am, 1pm-4pm, 7:30pm-9pm
​Sunday: 8am-10:30am, 1pm-3pm, 7:30pm-9pm
​Holidays: 8am-10:30am, 1pm-4pm, 7:30pm-9pm

Attorney, clergy and officials may visit any day of the week, from 8am-10:30am, 1pm-4pm, 7:30pm-10pm.

This facility provides visitors with lockers to store their personal belongings during their visit.  Contact visits are limited to a short embrace at the start and end of the visiting block, hand holding above the table is permitted.  Inmates are allowed one visit per week.

Physical Address:

Anvil Mountain Correctional Center
1810 Center Creek Rd.
Nome, Alaska 99762


(907) 443-2241

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
Anvil Mountain Correctional Center
PO Box 730
Nome, Alaska 99762