Queensboro Correctional Facility

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Queensboro Correctional Facility New York

Queensboro Correctional Facility

Queensboro Correctional Facility is located in Long Island City New York, part of Queens County.  It is a minimum security prison with the primary purpose of acting as a re-entry center for male inmates.  The current capacity of Queensboro Correctional Facility is 416 inmates.  Because this is a re-entry center, programs are limited to transitional services that prepare the offender for rejoining society as a productive member.  Counseling is available to inmates, and a family services program and dedicated children's play area ensure families can prepare for the upcoming transition of the inmate returning home.

Visiting Hours at Queensboro Correctional Facility:

Visiting at Queensboro Correctional Facility is based on the last digit of the inmates DIN.  Up to five visitors may visit an inmate at one time.  Visiting occurs Monday through Friday from 1pm-3:45pm using the following schedule:

***The Visiting hours for this facility are reported to have changed recently, contact the institution for the latest visiting hours***

(If you know the current visitation schedule please let us know by leaving a comment below)  

  • Mondays inmate's DIN ends in 1,2
  • Tuesdays inmate's DIN ends in 3,4
  • Wednesdays inmate's DIN ends in 5,6
  • Thursdays inmate's DIN ends in 7,8
  • Fridays inmate's DIN ends in 9,0

Physical Address:

Queensboro Correctional Facility
47-04 Van Dam Street
Long Island City, NY 11101-3081



Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, ID Number
Queensboro Correctional Facility
47-04 Van Dam Street
Long Island City, NY 11101-3081


Please note that the visiting days have changed.

Im a bit concerned, on the website it specifies that visits are Monday through Friday but when you call they give you weekend dates. Which one is it?